Getting Better At Running

FATTAFIT interviews Henna a pro runner in Bangalore who clocks a mean sub 40 minutes for a 10km run. He shares his perspective on how to improve 10km timing. Follow us on Facebook for updates

Henna racing to the finish line

What does running an awesome 10km mean? How does it differ from one individual to another?
It varies from individual to individual based on their fitness, lifestyle habits, nutrition, medical history, genetics. There are many factors involved for running an awesome 10k even weather and wind play a role, but first the basics:
My buddy can do it in two months so can I: No two individuals are the same so stop comparing yourself with other runners, we all learn and progress at different rates. The only reference or comparison must be yourself and your performance.

Running is in the Legs: Running is a full body motion exercise, Yes you heard me right as much as you think it is just your legs it involves your core, back, shoulders, etc.

f96b87d965fd09458afe63e7258f895c.jpgI run too little: Everyone has this concept the more you run, you get better. This is true to build endurance. If you are a beginner it is imperative to focus on strength and flexibility.

A common mistake done by over 90% of individuals is trying to accomplish a marathon too fast too soon. Take it easy, start with a 10km and get good at it, then progress to a half marathon for a year and subsequently to a full. Considering our lifestyles and the time we get to train, we don’t want injuries. Slow and steady, patience and persistence is the key.

How Do i Get Better? 
Focus on a REALISTIC goal, give it time, give it a structured format. There are plenty of running groups and instructors who can provide a training plan, correcting your form, etc. Invest in it and follow it (patience and persistence say that to yourself over and over again)


Run with Friends. It helps!

I still am not getting Better? We  follow routines, but don’t see the improvements we expected. Get back to the basics. No two individuals are the same. Revisit your training plan and discuss it with your coach. Get a medical check done if required. Our diet is a defining factor, so make sure you eat right.

Can you give me 3 training tips that are applicable to all?

If you are a beginner put on your shoes and go out there and run (small distances) be part of a group it motivates you.

If you are an amateur competitor and want to get better invest in a coach who can provide you a structured training plan and will correct you. Be sure to have your goals clear and voice any concerns or issues you have.
Lastly Bottles and backpacks: if you are running a 10k or 21km and you are a beginner it is acceptable that you carry a small amount of nutrition/gels or a bottle of electrolyte. But there is one simple mantra – Lighter Faster-Faster Lighter. Excess baggage slows and tires you. Make use of the aid stations you don’t need your phone, your suitcase etc. Be in sync with your surroundings.
10996161_901599393224808_4895398030721572328_n.jpgFull time corporate, Part time runner, Passionate motorcycle riding trainer, Fitness enthusiast and Full time Speed and Adrenaline Junkie, Weekend Drinker.

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