Life is a Beautiful Cycle Ride Part 2


1ea00730b5cece0cd6480db139d9593eHope you liked the introduction to how awesome cycling is last week. Now to help you make cycling part of your life here is how you can get started.


BANGALORE- The cycling capital of India

Bangalore offers a mixed terrain accessible within 30 minutes to an hour from the city. My top picks of the 5 best cycling trails (trail and road) in Bangalore are:

  1. Hessarghatta forest, which is lined with eucalyptus trees

2. Turahalli forest and if you are lucky you will spot some peacocks while on the trails

3. Views of Nandi Hills

4. Ride towards Banyan tree

5. The road past Stone Hill International for quiet traffic free roads lined with vineyards.


Is it safe to ride a bike in this crazy traffic?

It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth being on a bike! I’ve been riding about three years now and I feel safe being on a cycle. However, doing the right things on the road is important.Life-is-like-a-bike-640x640

Tips: Don’t ever jump a red-light, always use hand signals, wear reflective clothing, install a good front and tail light along with a well-serviced bike will keep you safe.

A common positive aspect of cycling to work is that you save a lot more time than being stuck in long drawn traffic jams and more importantly you get fitter riding. A good pollution mask is essential during peak hours.


-jtL3QMDCkzuAsfBFEPOqM8K-Mebd1EFzCaKKuuq0RYI get this quite often “You are a woman, on a cycle in Bangalore- you’re crazy?”

Over the last decade I’ve seen the tide change, lot more cycling in the country. Yet, the number of women riding is still small. I love to ride with the guys, but there is something about riding with a bunch of women-sense of camaraderie, the laughter and bonding!

To grow the number of women riders in the country, we kicked off the BOTSWomen initiative with two other women at work. This initiative addresses issues that deter women from riding a bike and encourages them to get back on the saddle. Our aim is to ride together as women – grow knowledge in the cycling space, get stronger, ride harder, become fitter and have fun while doing so.

The BOTSWomen ride every Saturday and we have women’s events every few months.  All ride details are posted up on the BUMSONTHESADDLE facebook page each week.


x9LMuV-Pnd-eExoNSafhWn52Ib2PzbUa7bHC2J9v-hUMy bike

I ride a woman specific bike; women are built differently, shorter torso’s, narrower shoulders, longer legs, wider hips, smaller palms and hands.

A bike built with women’s geometry in mind feels different with a focus of added riding comfort. Narrower handle bars on my bike means I need not overstretch my shoulders, a highly engineered women’s saddle relieves soft tissue pressure while I’m on the saddle for extended hours. Brakes and gear shifters that are sized for smaller hands give me more stable handling. My hair-port women’s helmet neatly takes my braid through a hole without hurting my head or killing my style.

One of our bikers quoted “Cycling makes you sexier!” It sure does. If you haven’t already experienced awesome, get your bums on the saddle!




vUil0m0Zoftjxej6yo3wsOMCsOQhauetqcdKbo1COcYPayal Kini is a Early Childhood educator by profession but now works at BUMSONTHESADDLE .She heads their retail operations for the cycling company, building bike shops and looking after the bike shop operations. Her addiction to riding started when she saw the team at BUMSONTHESADDLE live and breathe cycling! “It kinda grew on me”. At BOTS we are re-defining the way cycling is experienced in India. Stop by at our bikeshops and say hello or check them outline She also loves to run, beer, good food and dark chocolate! 



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